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We ensure accessibility compliance from planning and building to monthly monitoring.

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Enhance your brand identity, drive engagement, and extend your market reach through accessibility compliance.

Our Services


Our team can work with you to identify the right strategy to address your accessibility needs. We perform a preliminary assessment to gauge your site or application’s current level of compliance.


We work with you to address accessibility issues defined in the audit by utilizing our design, development, and UX teams. We’ll also help you create a public-facing accessibility statement that expresses your company’s commitment to its customers by describing the accessibility of your updated site.


A full manual evaluation is performed by our team focusing on problem areas that were identified in the preliminary assessment. The results are presented in a comprehensive report which clearly define the type and severity of the issues.


We set up monitoring software that regularly checks your site or app for compliance. If any issues are detected, we will notify you and start creating a plan for remediation.

DefinedLogic Home

Feel confident that your site is compliant and that there’s a maintenance plan in place to address issues if they arise. 

Increased Market Share 

Assured ADA Compliance 

Making your business accessible online gives you the opportunity to reach customers that may be overlooked by non-compliant competitors. 

Enhance Brand Reputation 

Show your brand is focused on being accessible to all customers by being ADA compliant. 

Improved User Experience 

Improve usability for all customers by considering those with disabilities in the planning, building and maintenance phases of your site or application. 

What is web accessibility?

Accessibility ensures all users can access your digital content regardless of disability, including but not limited to visual, auditory, cognitive, and physical impairments. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits private businesses from discriminating based on disability and requires that their web content is accessible. Our team will make sure your site gets compliant and remains compliant.

By committing to an accessible digital experience, you’re showing your brand’s commitment to equality and inclusion. You’re also creating a more usable and intuitive experience that will positively impact engagement and conversions for ALL customers.

Why should I care about having an accessible site?

How can I make my site more accessible?

Whether you have an existing site or application in need of help - or you’re planning a new site or enhancement - we have the services to address accessibility at any stage.